- loud laptop = good laptop = chick magnet

** results may vary

Everyone knows that noise makes life better.

But it can be so hard to find the right kind of noise for that special occasion. Hot date? Family dropping by? Big corporate meeting tomorrow? Just got your colon scraped? What to do? is here to help - it's our mission.

My Dad's 50th birthday is coming up and I really want to play something he'll remember at his party. Any suggestions?"

- Ben, CA


Why yes, Ben, I've got a great suggestion. How about something that's playful, yet, serious, that is full of live and vigor. Here goes: (remember to "save to disc")



Research and Development is our key to success (that and a huge dose of luck). You can't just sit down and expect your laptop to puke out an epic noise opus. It takes guts, courage, and the ability think outside the box... and risk blowing things up.

"I've got a big date coming up and I think that she's 'the one'. I want something that will set the mood."

- Alex, MO


Alex, here's a special something to set the mood whether she's 'the one' for life or just for the night. Good luck!



FEATURED: Turn Your Zen Garden into a Noise Garden! The latest trend in zen gardens has been the addition of brutal noise. Think of it as a contrast to the "perfection" and "simplicity" of the visual experience.

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